The Stress-Relieving Benefits of Online Games

Video games are a great way to have fun and reduce stress. They provide a challenge and reward you for overcoming it, creating feelings of accomplishment. Games can also create a state of flow similar to meditation, and most players report that playing video games, even violent ones, is a way to relieve stress and enjoy playing with friends. In addition to reducing stress, online games can increase your self-esteem as they make you feel better when you win or feel in control.

There is plenty of evidence to back up the claim that playing video games can relieve stress. For some, single-player games such as puzzle or solitaire are the key, while for others, playing against bots or human opponents in real time is the most important thing. While playing video games or solitaire will entertain you and ease your stress, it shouldn't take over your life. Fortunately, there are so many types of video games for desktop, console and mobile platforms that everyone has the opportunity to find a good outlet for their negative emotions.

Studies have shown that playing video games can reduce diastolic blood pressure and increase heart rate variability. Participants with an emotion-focused coping style showed a greater tendency to use games to recover than participants with a problem-focused coping style. Games with a strong social component, especially cooperative ones, can be especially beneficial as stress-relieving tools. In conclusion, playing video games may relieve stress, regulate emotions and make you feel better.

It's important to remember that while video games can be a great way to relax and have fun, they shouldn't take over your life.

Gaston Deparis
Gaston Deparis

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